A New Orleans-based medical device development company, focused on commercializing high-quality, cost-effective medical products while addressing critical global health needs.


NOvate utilizes unique and innovative manufacturing processes to reduce the equipment cost of deliveries in the developed world, while remaining affordable for use in the developing world.

Easy To Use

NOvate's InfaClip has a patented symmetric, tamper–resistant design that prevents misuse and shortens the delivery process by transforming umbilical cord severance into an intuitive one-step procedure.

Life Saving

NOvate's products are tasked with saving lives. InfaClip is designed to reduce exposure of blood-borne pathogens to the infant, mother, and birthing personnel while enclosing the umbilical cord during the first vital days in an infants' life.


NOvate Medical is committed to developing innovative and cost-effective technologies focused on global health needs and improving clinical outcomes in communities around the world.

NOvate’s first product offering, InfaClip, previously known as SafeSnip, is a patented disposable plastic obstetric device that simultaneously cuts, clamps, and shields the infant, mother, and birthing attendant from infection, aimed at reducing maternal and neonatal mortality in developing countries.